LocalDevices enables monitoring and observations of the environment through open-source and affordable devices and software

What we do​

LocalDevices is a collaborative between Non-Governmental organizations and Small-Medium Enterprises that co-designs, creates affordable, open and locally sustainable devices with software solutions to measure, monitor and understand complex environmental processes. We equip local people with local devices and open knowledge so that they can monitor and understand their own environment. We adhere to the Principles for Digital Development. 

Photogrammetry Services

We provide services to process huge datasets into useable 3D end products such as point clouds terrain models for hydrological modelling, game-engine ready meshes, all performed and curated by our photogrammetry, survey and hydrological experts

Research and Development

We develop new demand-driven tools, devices, software, processing approaches, and piloting, always through co-design with local entities. Examples include our OpenRiverCam river monitoring software and OpenDroneMap photogrammetry software

Production and Training

We offer services to produce and deploy devices and software stacks for any user, or train users to do this autonomously.

Who we are

Our team consists of international specialists in environmental sensing and data including geospatial, hydrology and imaging. All our team members have affiliation with electronics, and software development. Our combination of skills leads to what we are, a social enterprise for the development, piloting and roll out of products and services for environmental monitoring in any country or city in the world without the constraints of proprietary solutions. We don’t sell our products, we don’t profit from them, instead we facilitate their use through training and scaling activities.

Our team

Hessel Winsemius

Flood Expert

Ivan Gayton

Humanitarian innovation

Iddy Chazua

Use case developmENt

Our projects

3d StreetView

Many areas in the world are still not accurately mapped. With our highly affordable and high quality 360-degree camera design + FOSS firmware and Structure-from-Motion workflows with the well-known OpenDroneMap software, you can start collecting excellent data and process these into end-user products such as digital terrain data, exposure data and cadastral information.

Open RiverCam

World-wide, river observation networks are declining due to a too high cost and risky effort of maintenance of sites. With partner TAHMO we provide the software to accurately and operationally monitor how much water flows through a stream using simple CCTV cameras.

Open Cadaster

Land title deeds and survey boundaries of smallholder plots are a problem facing people in developing countries. People lack evidence of land ownership and accurate boundaries. That is why we launch Open Cadaster, an effort to establish a GPS base station network in Africa, an deliver affordable devices to measure cadasters.

Our partners